Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Stirred In Space"

Abstract modern art is the type of design I was trying to achieve here, which I have entitled "Stirred In Space". Parts of it I like, but it still seems to need something. I'll keep working on it.

For those who are curious about how I did it, I used Node Stitch chains. Georgia Seitz has a wonderful page describing several types of tatted chains here.

I also used Catherine Wheel Joins. Debbie Arnold has excellent instructions on this type of join. Her website is here - scroll down to find the link to Catherine Wheel join.

Back to the drawing board for me!


Unknown said...

Very interesting design

Gina said...

ooooh! and black earwires! Haven't seen those before.

Suztats said...

Almost industrial looking, too, I think. Nice design.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks for the encouragement.
I'm still working on improving this design.

I found the black earwires at another Etsy seller, EverLuxe.

connie said...

Love this design. Reminds me of the doo wop style hotels or the Jetson/space styles of the fifties and sixties. Hence the title stirred in space, I guess.
I hope you will be publishing the pattern for sale.
I'd love to do these.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely cool!! I totally dig it!

You know what they make me think of?

Shrimp on a kabob!!

IsDihara said...

One more thought -- watching the subsequent versions emerge is fascinating!

The modern art experiments are stunning!