Friday, January 28, 2011

Preparing for class and more hand dyed

The students at my beginning tatting class will receive kits with Lizbeth thread size 10, practice thread in size 3, tatting shuttles, crochet hook, beads, and a few other goodies. The class will take place on 4 consecutive Saturday mornings at Discovery World museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, beginning February 12. More information about the class is here.

I tatted a couple of Lacy Treasure pendants in some colors that the students will get in their kits - Lizbeth Spring Garden, or Lizbeth Wildflower Garden. But, they will need to practice the basics for a while before they will have the skills needed to complete the pendant. Shuttle tatting has a learning curve that starts out with the most difficulty at the start, then gets easier and more fun.

I also fooled around with another color combo in my hand dyed thread, called Peaches 'n Onions. The title was inspired by the movie, Holes, and the colors do sort of look like red onions with peaches. I used some color from the Olde Rose batch, which I made a few more skeins of. This batch turned out with more brown in it - not intentionally - I opened a new jar of dye and the color was just more brown even though it was supposed to be the same as the rose shade I'd used before. But I still like how the skeins turned out.

I paint my hand dyed thread with a brush, myself, and wind all the skeins by hand, so it is something special, unique, and in limited supply. Other quality hand dyers include LadyShuttleMaker, Tatskool, Dr. Von Threadmore (Krystledawn), and Heather's Designs.


God's Kid said...

Those pendants are so pretty! And the new color is quite unique! :)

Ridgewoman said...

I LIKE the addition of the know me and my fixation with “Ashes of Roses” which is a brownish red. Looks very victorian to me...I shall have to order some of the new batch for roses!
How generous a teacher you are: I never thought of giving a crochet hook et all...usually only a shuttle and a lot of thread! Yours is a good kit! Lucky students!
xxxx BJ

IsDihara said...

AUGH! Take pity on a poor HDT junkie whose stash fund has dried up until IRS tax refund (crossing fingers we get one this year) arrives.

I'm salivating like a Pavlovian dog over your latest offerings. You have even added a new batch of the first colorway with which I fell in love -- Pizazz. I'm in angst. I'm in love. I'm in agony.

Your new students are getting a wonderful starter kit. And the pendants are so pretty!

(I know it is not your fault.)

Cindy said...

Love the pendants - good luck with the class!
I love the Peaches and Onions colorway - though I have to admit that the thought of Peaches and Onions made me cringe :/

The Chung Family said...

I am still trying to figure out my transporter (like on Star Trek?) so that I can just go over to your area for the next few Saturdays to take your class. I am a lowly needle tatter at this point.

I love how you ladies support each other in the tatting world. It is so refreshing to see!

Marilee Rockley said...

LOL- I wish I had a transporter like on Star Trek, too!

I also wish I didn't have bills to pay...I think on Star Trek they didn't use money anymore, either...ah, the hope of a bright future, LOL.

Ridgewoman, the dye angels must have heard your wish for brown in the Olde Rose, because it really just happened like magic :)

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Good luck with your class. This is a very nice kit you put together for you class.

I love this Lacy Treasure pendant. Especially in the Wildflower thread. I was wondering where you purchase your beads? I have been trying to find leaf beads like the ones you have used here and can not find anything like them.

I'm looking forward to receiving the Peaches n Onions thread I ordered. It is such a pretty color comibination.

Have a great day!!

Marilee Rockley said...

I bought the beads in the photo from "Knot Just Beads"