Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tatting classes on the calendar

Yes, I have tatting classes on the calendar at Discovery World!  Actually, at the time of this writing, I just gave my approval for the flier that was prepared, so you may not see my classes listed on the Discovery World calendar yet. But, here is a link to the flier that will be distributed.

So, I have to get those student kits ready! Only 4 days into the futuristic-sounding New Year of 2011, and already I am scrambling to catch up. I know many are waiting for the next batch of hand dyed thread - it will be "Sue's Blues", that should be dyed, dryed, and listed in a few more days.


JB said...

Nice flyer--a great enticement for tatting. Hope you have lots of students.

The Chung Family said...

That's SO AWESOME!! I've decided I'm moving to wherever it is you live just so I can take this class! It is SO reasonably priced too! I think you should do a class in MN!!

Ridgewoman said...

Very Cool and a great flyer. I paid 20 dollars and bought my own supplies back in ’94, for two 2-hour evening classes; so this seemed quite reasonable to me. I needed to learn how to do work with a shuttle and a ball. I just taught myself how to do rings and had started that table runner! LOL
Have fun and your students will be really fortunate to have you as their teacher!

xx Bev

Miranda said...

That's wonderful! I'm always happy to see fresh blood being brought into the tatting community.

I'm looking forward to the new thread, too.

Art by JoyMac said...

Great flyer ...gives the incentive to learn this wonderful craft..have fun with your students
Joy in OZ