Thursday, February 17, 2011

Works in progress

White thread ready to dye
Started in a combination of Olde Rose and Peaches 'n Onions HDT, the "Duchess" necklace from my Boutique Tatting book. (Obviously I will be disappointing a few people when I am sold out of any hand dyed threads that I show in projects...but, that is just how it is.)
 I do have more white thread prepared for the next batch, though, which will be familiar to HDT enthusiasts as Rhubarb Pie! Anyway, the other works in progress in the top photo are tatted atoms and the Five Petal pendant (shaded blue in the back, halfway done) from Up and Tat 'Em.

In Discovery World gift shop

View from Discovery World
Students first tatted projects
The tatted atoms may find their way into the Discovery World gift shop - there is already one there, along with some of my other tatted jewelry.

By the way, the first session of my tatting classes took place on Feb. 12. I'll see the students 3 more times yet. Hopefully, they are practicing this week! I am so proud of them - they completed 1 ring butterflies and flowers in the first class! I'll get them going on joins and following patterns next session.


Anonymous said...

That's so nice, Marilee

I love making the duchess necklace - it's one of my favorite pieces

God's Kid said...

Everything looks so wonderful that you are working on! :)

Tattin' Kat said...

Beautiful. Wish that I could join your class and learn from you. I do thank you so much for your video though it has been a big help in my learning to shuttle tat.


I received your yarn and book from your Etsy shop yesterday.
I'm "forever beginner",but I try your design from "up and tat 'em"!
I always write on my blog about yours.
May I link this site on to my blog?(It's Japanese)
Thank you.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, Lily, I am happy to hear that you enjoy making the "Duchess" necklace.

Thanks for the encouragement, God's Kid, it's much appreciated.

Tattin' Kat, thanks very much for letting me know that my video was of help. I hope to make some more videos as time allows.

Forever Beginner, thank you very much for letting me know that your order from my Etsy shop arrived safely, and that you like the "Up and Tat 'Em" book. Yes, I would like for you to put a link on your blog to mine. You have a beautiful blog! I also will add your link to my tatting blog list.

Carolivy said...

Gorgeous WIP's Marilee! I'm hoping to be able to start tatting from your books soon!