Monday, March 7, 2011

New triangle design in progress

The "amoeba boomerang" design in the mid century modern glass (shown in the photo) is the inspiration. I've spent many hours trying to puzzle out how to tat it! Completely nutty idea, I know - tatting doesn't like streamlined shapes, but I'm imposing my will on it :-)

I do think it's starting to shape up into something interesting. Just needs a little tweaking to add stability. I used Catherine Wheel joins to get the smooth curves in the chain. Yes, I know that I need to make a tutorial on how I"m doing those joins, and I do plan the future.

Student work
By the way, the first tatting class series that I taught at Discovery World is completed. Here's a photo of some of the things the students tatted. The bunny is from a free pattern at
They learned to shuttle tat rings, chains, joins, lock joins, floating rings using 2nd shuttle, and in the 4th session they even learned split rings! I am so proud of them! More classes will be scheduled in the future, so if you happen to live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area call the gift shop at 414-765-8770 to let them know you'd like to put your name on the waiting list for tatting classes. You'll then be notified when a class is scheduled.


Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

I absolutely love the new design, very unique!

Tat-ie said...

Very beautiful triangular design, I love it.
And I am sorry but I have to admit I'm jealous of your students. It's a pity I live so far away. Are you planning a world tour soon?

Krystle said...

That ALMOST looks like a guitar pick in a way.... if you ever need something else to work on, you could make me a tatted guitar pick pattern! OOOOH even better idea... could make it two layers sandwiched with an opening at the top to slip in REAL guitar picks, to wear on a a necklace!

Krystle said...

I think you just inspired me to work on something new! Thanks I needed that lol! (off to formulate guitar pick neclace concept.....) I wish I could make the super smooth geometric triangles like you do. I don't think I'll make anything quite that stylin.

Suztats said...

I love your new triangle design! Your students did fabulous work!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very cool design! Imagine all the color possibilities!

Karen said...

My first thought was a guitar pick, too. Your students' work shows they had an organized good teacher to learn so much in four lessons. Karen in OR

John said...

How Very Fun!

Miranda said...
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Miranda said...

Your designs are always so unique and wonderful! I can see that as earrings or a pendant. I think it is highly appealing to modern sensibilities.

Your students have done so well-- they must have a great teacher!

God's Kid said...

Cool new design!!! :)
Would love to be in your class, but I can't swim that far. :D
Looks like it was fun!

Lynneth said...

Love the new design! I like the bead? in the center. Nice touch. Do you treat your finished tatting pieces?

Marilee Rockley said...

So many nice comments!

Bri's Bits, I'm glad that you like the design - yes, "unique" is what I was going for :-)

Tat-ie, the "world tour" sounds exciting, but way too expensive! It's nice that we can "virtually" travel the world via the Internet :-D

Krystle, the guitar pick idea sounds like fun!

Suztats, I agree that my students are doing very well.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane, you are so right that there are many color possibilities with the inside and outside contrast areas.

Karen, these students were eager to learn, but I don't know about me as the teacher being all that organized, LOL.

John, thank you - I think it's fun, too!

Miranda, you're right about there being possibilities for this design - the center triangle by itself would make great earrings, I think.

God's Kid, sounds like you are across Lake Michigan! It's too big a lake to swim across, for sure, LOL - and the water is way too cold ;-)

Lynneth, I'm glad you like the design. I just steam my tatted pieces to block them. Usually I don't add any stiffener, because I don't like how it dulls the shine of the thread and beads. If stiffening seems absolutely necessary, I would paint it on the back of the piece only, using a small paintbrush.