Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The "Vision" set, and photos from tatting class

Actually, I finished this set quite some time ago, and finally got around to listing it again. The Vision necklace pattern is available free on my blog, but the matching earring pattern is in my Boutique Tatting book.
My tatting among other hand crafted items in the gift shop
View of Milwaukee Art Museum from Discovery World
View of city of Milwaukee from Discovery World

Student work
Above are some photos taken during my tatting classes at Discovery World museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's a fantastic view through the windows there! My beginning tatting students have been doing really well! They've been practicing :-) Here is their work after just 2 weeks.

Tatting class with view of Lake Michigan


Lynneth said...

Wow! Your students are doing great! Beautiful work! I tried teaching tatting to a group at church once and it didn't go so well. Kudos to anyone who can teach it. :-)

God's Kid said...

Your jewelry set looks fantastic! :)
And your class likes they are doing well!

Gina said...

What a soothing view - that has to help your students release their anxiety and tat well!

Fox said...

Congratulations, Professor! Lovely beginnings by your students. Great to see people learning the art... and in such an unusual venue. Lucky students!

That piece is marvellous! I am so intrigued by your designs, especially the configurations for necklaces using chains. Unique.
Fox : )

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, folks - yes, my students have been wonderful in this class. I absolutely LOVE the venue of teaching tatting inside a science museum! And, so nice how they scheduled 4 sessions, 3 hours each, for the class. This really helps because for most people, shuttle tatting takes time and practice to learn.

The contact person at Discovery World has said she will schedule more classes for me to teach in the future, yay!