Friday, May 6, 2011

Tweaking the "Amoeba Triangle" design

 The newer "Amoeba Triangle" is the pink, on the right. I've attempted to improve the design by adjusting the center to accommodate a larger bead, and by replacing the picots in the outer edge with small tatted rings.  The new angle at which the pendant hangs came as a surprise - and I like it.

The earrings in the photos on the left are some other things I've been tatting as time allows. The brown pair is from the "One Shuttle Glamour" design in my Boutique Tatting book. The pink pair is a newer design, which for now I'll entitle "Giddy" unless a better name comes along.


zarina said...

I love the new Amoeba design (or maybe because its pink).

Miranda said...

I think the triangle design is one that can never truly be "finished" because it's really better if no two are alike. I think that as long as you know the basic method for making it, there's no need to have a finalized pattern. I've liked all the ones you've shown so far, and the fact that they have all been different is part of what I find attractive about it.

Where did you get the black earring hooks, and what material are they made out of. I ask because I like the look of them, but I have to be very careful what kind of earring findings I use; my ears react badly to certain materials.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, Zarina. Pink is fun!

Thank you, Miranda. You're right, there can be all sorts of "amoeba" designs based on the same method. I guess I was just going for a triangle shape because it was a challenge. It would be easy to get many sorts of random shapes, and they could even be joined together...hey,wait - you're giving me too many ideas - LOL ;-D

I buy the black earring hooks on Etsy from Everluxe. I wanted the color because I think it looks neat with some of my color combos, but actually, due to metal sensitivity I don't wear them myself either - since they're brass they might be okay - but if I'm making earrings for myself I use niobium earwires.

Miranda said...

Thanks! I'll look into those earwires.

Carolivy said...

Gorgeous! I love the triangular pendant and the pink earrings are stunning too. Do I smell another book in the offing?