Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Lava" hand dyed thread, and a new choker

The "Lava" name and the color was inspired by the "Lava Rock" used in the garden. My dear husband's comment on seeing the thread was, "It looks burned." :) But that effect is only from the color - sort of rusty brick red shading into brown and black.

Over the last few days, I tatted a choker using the "Twilight Zone" hand dyed in size 20 with purple Czech glass druk 6mm beads. I got the idea for putting the beads inside split rings from Jane Eborall's super wonderful technique pages. The actual pattern I just made up as I went. I tend to not like working repetitious designs, but couldn't think of anything to change it, so I just kept going. Of course, I ran out of thread a few times and had to tat over the ends.
The matching earring design is the same as the ends of the choker. I do like the earring design, although I might tweak it a bit. I'll let it rest awhile. Then later, a new idea usually jumps right out.


Carol said...

they are absolutly beautiful!! You've done a great job. I really love your work.

God's Kid said...

Nice new color!
Great choker and earrings! :)

Michelle said...

You are so talented- you have a fantastic eye for color, it's a treat to look at your work - can't imagine being able to wear it!!

zarina said...

I love the colors of HDTs.

Btw, is the chocker blocked? It looks brilliant in that colorway.

Evitad said...

The chocker and earrings - Just beautiful!!!
I like also new colour of thread :)

Clotat said...

this thread colour is amazing !! and your tatting too!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you all very much!

The way I blocked the choker:
I laid it down on ironing board and first steamed one side(not touching it with iron). Then started patting it into shape with my fingers.
I turned it over, and steamed it again. Then patted it some more.
Turned again, and gave it a final steaming, then let the tatting remain in place to dry. That is how I block my tatted jewelry.

Suztats said...

oh, I love that lava!
The choker and earrings are wonderful, too!

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful, beautiful thread and I love your designs with it.

Carolivy said...

Beautiful new color! I love the new choker and the earrings are totally great!

Jewellery Bijou said...