Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bracelet in progress and tatting in the news

This bracelet is not finished yet, but here's a peek at it in progress. I plan on adding a 2nd row to stabilize it so that it won't stretch out of shape when worn.

A happy surprise was in my email this morning - I've been featured in Funky Finds! Click here to read the article.

The number of students in my Shuttle Tatting course has been growing by an alarming rate (it reached 1000 in only 2 weeks), so hoping that means there will soon be many new tatters! We need more tatting projects posted on Craftsy to inspire the new tatters, so be aware that a Craftsy membership is free, you don't have to buy anything unless you want to, and you can post pictures of your projects, get comments, post comments, and be inspired by seeing all sorts of craft ideas.


Beverly said...

How pretty. I've been checking out some of your bracelets. Simple and yet elegant. Thanks for sharing.

Lelia said...

1000? How AWESOME!!!!!

Thx for sharing with all of us + inspire us to tat often and with style ; )

Always, L

Anonymous said...

So very pretty...I am always amazed how you pick the perfect beads to go with the thread! Just stunning!!!

God's Kid said...

Great looking bracelet!! :)

Anna said...

Bellissimo! Mi piace molto il colore del cotone^_^

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely bracelet,
Congratulations on so many tatters taking up you course, I have not had a lot of time over the last week but I have enjoyed watching some of it, and you have taught an old girl one thing already I never knew 25 wines of the shuttle equalled one yard, I will be trying out the patterns when I finish my project

Thank you for doing a very interesting course

louine said...

1000 students, oh, my, this is going to make responding to their questions and work very time consuming.
How will this work? Good luck.
Oh, I almost for got the new bracelet if lovely.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks so much. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to post the 1000 student milestone, but it seems encouraging for the future of tatting as a craft to show that people are indeed interested.

So far the questions have been manageable. I'm hoping more established tatters will post their work on Craftsy, so that more people will see the amazing tatting that is being done these days. Some people seem to assume that it's all about me, but I'm only the facilitator, by offering a course there. Tatting just has to be on that site, because Craftsy really IS the fastest growing craft community on the web. We can get tatting in front of a LOT of people there!!!