Monday, July 9, 2012

More bracelets, fancy and fancier

 2 more bracelets! The wider one is more challenging. I started with a vintage edging, but modified it a lot by changing stitch counts and adding the beads. It took 6 repeats of the points to get it to fit around my wrist in size 20 thread. I used brass beads and my own "Parchment" hand dyed thread. The pattern may show up better in a solid color thread, but I like the aged look of the parchment colors.

The narrow bracelet is a very simple and quick tat - if you can do split rings! I used size 10 for this  one. The beads are strung onto the thread beforehand, half on each shuttle. Then, when needed, the beads are slid into place and secured with a lock stitch (1st half of a double stitch unflipped, 2nd half flipped normally). This simple split ring design is similar to the "Double Scoop" bracelet pattern that I use to teach about split rings in my Craftsy class, so I'm going to post this project there as well.

Beads slid into place from each shuttle
Lock stitch to secure beads
 If I can get all the "Parchment" thread put away, I may get a new batch dyed later. I get a lot of requests, but to be honest, I mostly ignore them. If I didn't, I'd go crazy! Most people have no concept whatever of how much work and time it takes to hand dye. The same can be said for designing or tatting. Unless they do some sort of handwork themselves, they really haven't a clue - isn't that so? But, since the split ring bracelets are fairly quick to make, I'll donate a few to to the church craft table at the summer festival. Church craft sales in these parts are known for selling new and beautifully well made handcrafts at ridiculously low prices - which is an injustice on so many levels - but perhaps the bracelets will brighten someone's day.

So, there is work to do. Hope you are managing to stay cool where you are. Here, the weather was so hot last week, my tatted rings didn't want to close. But this week the weather is much cooler, yay!


Mónica said...

Qué linda combinación de colores del hilo con las perlitas. Me encanta. Saludos desde Chile

IsDihara said...

Ooh....both bracelets are eye-catching in that lovely Parchment thread with those brass beads.

Your narrow bracelet whispers to me to be tatted as a lanyard!

(I tatted myself a lanyard last year for Tat Days, but I now must tat another one with beads! LOL!)

Lelia said...

Both are lovely! The split ring bracelet looks doable (for me)

Jolimama said...

Nagyon szép:-)

God's Kid said...

What awesome bracelets and fabulous colors!!! :)

Fox said...

Love love love what you did with that bottom pattern - the beads and the thread are just perfectly suited to the shape...

Fox : )

Gwen said...

Both are beautiful. Your beads always compliment very well. What beads do you keep as your go to beads?

Lelia said...

I am really enjoying the Craftsy lessons. I am thru part of FIVE (power issues with storms yesterday) and already improved my chains by wrapping fiber around small finger in a different way. Imagine that!!!

i am not up to the split ring bracelet - tho, look forward to making some.

I hope the IOLI address is correct as I am planning to post 'something' to you on Monday. Enjoy your week-end.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, everyone.

Gwen, I like to keep size 11 and size 8 seed beads on hand, also size 4mm and 6mm round beads as I use these sizes a lot.

Lelia, we all have our own ways of doing things that work out the best for us; I'm glad you found a way of wrapping the thread for chains that works out better for you! Looking forward to finding out what the "something" is :)