Monday, March 25, 2013

My great big tatted frog closure and small hairclips

 The frog closure is on it's way to becoming an asymmetrical necklace, with the frog as the focal point and also used as the closure of the necklace...that is, if it works. It's still in progress, in size 3 Lizbeth thread, which is the largest size of that thread. The black frog measures a whopping 4 inches (10cm) across. For a size comparison, the white frog is tatted in size 20 thread, similar pattern. I'm using a Starlit shuttle for the size 3, since it holds more thread.

I've also started making small flower hair clips, using size 10 thread. All these things I'm going to display at my table in the maker's fair at Concinnity, April 13.

The other thing I'm doing this week, is playing my cello at church. They usually only add fancy extra instruments like cello to accompany the choir at special occasions like Christmas and Easter. So, I got called in to play in an ensemble that includes 2 violins, a french horn, and myself on cello. It's nice when they ask for volunteer musicians from the congregation, I think, it makes us feel needed.


Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful flowers on the clips, how do you put the flowers on the clip please
Lovely frog fastenings

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, Margaret, I sewed them on, using the thread tails left from tatting. Similar to the flower clip in this listing, see the last photo:

God's Kid said...

Fabulous!!! Can't wait to see the finished project!!! :)
Love the flowers on the clips!!! :)

Karen said...

Oh, the congregation in your church are in for a treat!
Look forward to seeing the "Froggie Necklace" as it sounds really cool. Hair clips are very attractive. You'll be a wonderful addition to the Makers Fair. Karen in OR

Rose-Marie said...

I LOVE the idea of tatted frog closures! What a perfect way to bring in just a touch of lace (or not, depending on how frilly the design). They suggest a romantic mood rather than the Asian flare of traditional frogs made with rattail cord. Those are lovely too, but sometimes the design just begs for a romantic closure and these are absolutely perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!!! They are beautiful.

MetalFimo2 said...

complimenti bellissimi lavori , brava un bacio ciao.