Monday, July 8, 2013

Photos from Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild

 Always a good time getting together with tatting friends and making new friends!

Our newest arrival showed up saying she'd never tatted, then showed me a chain of correctly made double stitches already done! So, I told her she'd already figured out the hard part by herself - wow! I then demonstrated how to tat rings and join them.

Sue Anna was wearing a pendant made from the "Rotation" pattern and had started another one in blue.

Barbara G. had finished a motif from Jon Yusoff's book, "Elegant Tatting Gems" and was working on another. She said the variegated thread helped with figuring out the patterns better. Later she'll try them in solid colors.

 Khomi arrived with a doily in progress, in a pretty purple and green variegated thread.

We all took a break to watch one of Karen Cabrera's tatting videos, the one on Hyperbolic Tatting. Interesting ideas to try someday!

Ana explained about how 2 pairs of glasses help her with close work. Normally, she only wears reading glasses, but when doing handwork she puts on another pair with a stronger magnification, and where the 2 lenses intersect it's like a super magnifying glass. So, 3 stages of magnification to choose from depending on what the project requires at any particular stage, sort of like triple bifocals but even better.


Carrie said...

It looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! Great to see new people joining in, too.

Jane Eborall said...

Would those be trifocals? All looks like way too much fun there. You shouldn't be allowed to have such fun without MEEEEE!!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I wonder if it still takes four hours to get to Milwaukee from here? When Dave and I drove to MN a couple of weeks ago, we headed up that way, and the construction traffic was awful. I would like to try and join you ladies some time!

God's Kid said...

Looks like such a wonderful time!!! And such beautiful things tatted!!! :)

Ladytats said...

Oh what fun you all had. Love seeing the get togethers

crafty cat corner said...

I was so pleased to see someone else with 2 pairs of glasses on, I thought I was the only one. My husband laughs at me but it works.