Saturday, April 28, 2018

Painted Parrot

Hand dyed thread "Painted Parrot"

The snowfall here last week really got to me. I'm sick of winter...literally, I got sick. It was only a cold, so I'm okay and feeling much better now.

I turned up the heat to tropical, and I'm calling this new colorway "Painted Parrot". Looking at it makes me happy!


God's Kid said...

I would love to see something you tat in that colorway!! ;)
Have a wonderful weekend, and I am sure there is no snow. :)

Margarets designer cards said...

I love this thread, and great name for such colourful thread.
Winter has been very long in the UK, it was very wet in March and two lots of snow, last week it was like summer
Very warm and everything was so behind the sun brought the flowers out, this week again back to rain and getting
Colder, they even forecast some snow for the south of England. Roll on summer, Spring has never reLly happen.
Hope you are feeling better.

Sally Kerson said...

Oh that thread just zings! Bound to make anyone happy, it is gorgeous. Know exactly how you feel when the cold weather goes on for so long, roll on Spring and Summer.-

Jane McLellan said...

Definitely vibrant enough to chase the Winter blues away!

JB said...

A beautiful "HAPPY" color.

Madtatter80 said...

Great idea you just will spring and summer to stay 💛🦋💛 love you colors 😃

picotsnkeys said...

I love the thread! Oh that I had the courage to tat in HDT. I'm scared of color I think. We wouldn't mind some of the percipitation here, this Winter there's been no break for yard chores. My hands are showing the wear. We spend a couple hours a week just watering. Right now, the bulbs and wisteria are done, the irises and orchids in full swing, and the roses just keep coming! Wish I could share a bouquet with you!