Saturday, March 30, 2019

Freshly dyed thread "Corsage" purple and orange

Hand dyeing in progress
The colors were inspired by a Cattleya orchid, which I think would make a stunning corsage for a special occasion, hence the name Corsage. Several sizes of cordonnet thread and embroidery floss now listed in my Etsy Shop.

I haven't had much time for tatting lately, since I've been very busy practicing music. I'll be playing my cello in a Wisconsin Intergenerational Orchestra concert on May 5 and still have lots to prepare! Also, I sing in the church choir + some cello there too, and Easter will be here soon.

I did make a start on tatting a daffodil from the book Ostern - Easter Motives by Christel Weidmann. The plan I have in mind is adding some leaves along with other tiny flowers to make a ... (you guessed it) ...corsage!
Tatting a daffodil in progress

The book Ostern - Easter Motives by Christel Weidmann.


God's Kid said...

Gorgeous thread as always!!! :)
I am sure your corsage is going to be super beautiful!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

I had those orchids in my wedding bouquet, so I heartily approve of your thread! I haven’t come across that designer, I look forward to seeing your examples of her work.

Margarets designer cards said...

I love Orchids they are my favorite flower above all, your colours of the thread are gorgeous and would make any corsage look beautiful

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I do love the gorgeous colors of threads you dye! This one is especially pretty!

Bluff City Tatter said...

You always dye the most gorgeous colors. I love the vibrant shades.