Monday, May 27, 2019

Folded Join in Tatting

This is how I do a “folded join”, which prevents a twisted picot when joining the last ring to the first ring of a tatted motif.

Whenever all rings are facing outward from the center of a tatted motif, then that’s when a folded join is used. There’s other ways to do this kind of join, but this is what works easiest for me.

The video speed is faster than my actual tatting!

Through the magic of an app on my smartphone, I figured out how to flip the video to show the left-handed version as well!
Here's the left-handed view:


Jane McLellan said...

Thanks! I read Jane Eborall’s tip that the ring must always be to the front of the work. Your method conforms with that but perhaps in an easier way than I’ve been doing.

Bluff City Tatter said...

Your post is so timely for me because I'm working on a pattern with 8 folded joins. I haven't been super happy with how they turned out up until now, so after your tutorial I hope they will look better.

Margarets designer cards said...

This is how I do mine too and the easiest way I think

muskaan said...

I follow a similar path to avoid the folded join - rotate and get that picot on your left side, and simple picot join!
I had shared a couple of pictorials (picot join to the right).
Excellent left-handed view 💙💛💜

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Marilee! I can't explain the way I've done it for years, but it is very convoluted. I tried your method, and it worked like a charm! I'm happy to have a new technique under my belt!