Friday, October 18, 2019

CMY Spectrum

I used the "CMY" primary colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow. If you buy printer ink, you'll recognize these as the printer's primaries. Because I wanted to choose the most accurate fiber reactive dye colors for this mix, I looked at the detailed information given on Paula Burch's website.

I needed to rinse out my brush for each color after applying the dye in order to keep the colors clear and bright. So, although only 3 colors were used (the secondary colors came about from the primaries overlapping) it was one of the trickiest batches I've ever done. The results were worth it, I think! They're listed in my Etsy Shop.


Jane McLellan said...

I like the little overlap. Yes, tricky to make sure there’s no contamination of the colours, good job.

God's Kid said...

Absolutely awesome!!!! :)
Another one for my list!

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful thread