Thursday, June 18, 2020

Been Doing Macrame and Walking at the Beach

Macrame Flat Rose
 If you're interested in macrame, there are a great many excellent instructional videos on YouTube. I made these projects following the directions by Macrame Tita.
Macrame Rhomboid Pendant

Macrame Seahorse

Lake Michigan
 Away from the city on a weekday, the shoreline is not crowded and offers tranquil views and cool breezes. 
Fun fact: I've moved several times in my life, yet I've always lived less than 20 miles from the shore of Lake Michigan.
Rawley Point Lighthouse
A vacation outing, even for just a few hours, refreshes one's outlook. We surely all need it!


Jane McLellan said...

Wow, love your macrame. It’s not what comes to mind when I hear the term, glad to have my idea of macrame stretched!

God's Kid said...

Awesome projects!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your macramé is gorgeous! They're all so pretty, it would be very difficult to choose a favorite one.

StringyDogs said...

I think it is really rare that someone has only one hobby, or talent. Love your tatting, love your macrame!

Judith Connors said...

Your macramé articles certainly broaden our appreciation of the craft. Your tension does them justice.

muskaan said...

Wow, exquisite handiwork !!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful work, love the Rose,
Beautiful photos thank you for sharing