Thursday, August 13, 2020

Old Tatting, New Tatting


New doily in colors on the right, old doily in white on the left, both tatted by me 40+ years apart. Pattern from a library book. I don't have the book, just the 1970s tatting I did from it. Yes, I am old.

All that I could remember about the book was that it was small, hard cover, the title was "Tatting" and it was already time-worn in the 1970s. So, I did an online search something like "mid 20th century small hardcover tatting book" and found this picture on eBay:

It was described as having been common in libraries, so I thought this could be it and purchased it. I've been waiting for it to come but received a message from the seller with an apology and a refund. The seller didn't actually have the book; it was a "drop ship" arrangement that apparently didn't work out. Oh, well.

Moving on to the mysterious origins of the House of White Birches Tatting Book No. 5 that's sat on my shelf for years. Turns out, it's actually a reprint of Priscilla Tatting Book No. 3 (published 1924) which is available as a free download at The Antique Pattern Library. Scroll to about the middle of the page to find it, look for a greenish cover.

I'm doing the Knot Stitch pattern from that book. I interpreted knot stitch as split chain. It's used only in the round medallion. 

The leaf pattern is now one of my favorites! The original directions indicate that the leaves were to be sewn on separately, but I've decided to join them while tatting. It's resulting in overlapping, closely crowded leaves, but I like it!


God's Kid said...

Fabulous doily and your new project too!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Interesting to see the modern version next to the older one. Have to look twice to see they’re the same! What a shame you didn’t get the book. I do like the one you’re working on.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love going on the hunt for all sorts of craft supplies and books. I'm sorry you weren't able to get the book. I'm sure it would have been great fun to go through. I love your new doily, and I think the overlapping of the leaves adds character!

muskaan said...

Your tatting is flawless despite the decades between the pieces! I cringe at seeing my older lace.
It is interesting to see you working the leaf in this manner - wouldn't it be easier to start with the joining side? Is there any particular reason?
This motif and leaf is on my to-tat list and would appreciate your insight.

Marilee Rockley said...

I had to think awhile about why I'm joining the leaves to each other near the finish of each leaf instead of near the start.

Well, I'm doing the leaves "front side, back side" with the rings tatted front side, and the chains tatted back side while working. The leaves are being added clockwise as viewed from the front, and I'm keeping a certain color order. So, I don't reach the place where I can join the leaf until it's nearly done.
Also, the center motif and the leaves are joined at the back side, using a down join to keep the front side picots looking better. At least it seems more pleasing to me!

Of course there would be other ways to do it; this is only what seemed natural to me and what my brain could process. Whatever works and is easier for the person tatting it! ♥♥♥

sillystring said...

The book you didn't receive is actually a novel, if I remember correctly it's a mystery which mentions a tatting pattern but it isn't a pattern book per se. Good luck in tracking down the book you actually need.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, Sillystring for the information about the tatting novel. Wow, that sounds like an interesting story to read!

muskaan said...

Thank you so much, Marilee. I was curious, and absolutely agree that each of us has their individual style of working :-)))

Margarets designer cards said...

Two beautiful doily's and I love the pattern, The pattern maybe old but its still looks as good as the new patterns being created today.

Shanda said...

Amazing as always

Anne said...

Two beautiful doily's, gorgeous colours.