Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer plans

Here is my interpretation of the heart pattern from the old "Workbasket" magazine - the same pattern that has been posted on several blogs lately, in various colors. This is my work from several years ago, obviously - it's all white!

Okay, I've been reading about all the exciting tatting conventions that folks have been attending lately, wishing I could go too - well, here are some events that I will be able to attend!

The biggie - The 55th Annual IOLI Convention!
Check out the details HERE.
I expect to be in attendance on Wednesday, August 6th, looking at what the vendors have to sell. No, I will NOT be a vendor, myself! :)
(I'd be all sold out in ten minutes, you know!)
BTW, take a look at the PDF file about Georgia Seitz who will be teaching a tatting workshop at this convention. I thought very hard about taking this workshop, but I just can't commit to the whole week. I hope she gets many enthusiastic students!

The weekend of June 14-15 the Lighthouse Lacers will be demonstrating lacemaking at the new Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I expect to be demonstrating tatting, not sure yet which day.

Now I need to get back to dyeing more thread! The dye series sets are apparently a big hit, so I need to do some more in "Tourmaline", and then possibly "Nectarine", "Rhubarb Pie" and "Roses" - so I have plenty to do!


Tattycat said...

This is exquisite! Do you wear it? I wish I could be at the events with you. We miss everything here in the South. I think the sets will be great for you and for us. Rhubarb Pie PRETTY PLEASE!!! I know - I'm hopelessly in love with it!

Tatskool said...

That's beautiful, what garment is it and how long ago did you make it?

White is still a classic.

Elizabeth said...

That is gorgeous. What kind of clothing is it? Do you wear it?

I am SO jealous of all the people going to conventions! I have been to IOLI conventions before and they are awesome - but it's been a number of years. I love the VENDOR ROOM - *drool*.

I'll second the rhubarb pie vote - I'm almost out! And don't forget a bright green/blue combo - pretty please? :-D

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Marilee! Your heart is beautiful in white!

I'm looking forward to more HDT's Rhubarb and the Roses are on my list to get.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm so jealous! The IOLI convention will be so close and yet so far... I'll be in North Carolina learning how to weave! But Kenosha... hmmm! That's not so very far away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! New HDTs from Marilee.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks for the compliments on my "heart" blouse, everyone. I have worn it a few times on hot summer days only, since it is a very lightweight blouse. I think I made it about 5 or 6 years ago.
Thanks also for the enthusiasm about my HDT - I am working on more today (Wed.) and hope to have it in the shop by Fri.
Diane, that would be great if you could come to the festivities in Kenosha! When I know which day I can be there, I'll let you and everyone know.

Gina said...

I love your treatment of this heart!

I've never taken a class at IOLI but I've gone to the vendor room a few times. Since this one is in IL, I might try to buddy up with a lace guild member and go to the vendor room. It's a bit too expensive for me to take classes there but many of my lace guild members do every year - in bobbinlace.
:-) Gina

Unknown said...

The way you stitched your heart on the netting and set it off with a tatted frame is just exquisitely beautiful? Does it ever get worn?
Congrats on your getting to go to the IOLI convention. How exciting. Have fun!