Monday, July 15, 2019

Flower Colors, Snowflakes and Crocheted Bracelet

 During a walk through the Boerner Botanical Gardens I came upon these pretty little flowers called Lantana "Landmark Citrus" in bright yellow, orange, and pink. Great combination for a batch of hand dyed thread, don't you think?
 I also liked the light yellow greens in this Hosta plant. I think I need a batch of greens like that, paler and more to the yellow side than my previous batches of "Celery" green.
 I finished tatting another Renulek snowflake (please see Renulek's Etsy Shop for her patterns) in an early sample of my own "Summit" hand dyed combined with a pale blue. (Summit sold out very quickly but it will return.☺)
 These snowflakes are all from Renulek patterns.

 As a break from tatting, I crocheted a bracelet from a pattern by Natalia Kononova. Her patterns are for sale at  and also on Ravelry. The crochet thread is 3 ply linen (comparable to a size 10 cotton) which I purchased from YarnStories on Etsy.

The colors of my favorite baseball team and I'll wear it to the game!


Lavi said...

Oh my, those flowers are amazing! They are a great inspiration for a new dyed thread. I love the summit one and I can see why it sold out so quickly :)

God's Kid said...

Those are awesome flowers and would make fantastic thread colors!!! :)
Love the snowflakes!!! :)
Great bracelet!!! :)

Bernice said...

Love those snowflakes and your bracelet too. Lantana HDT will sell fast as I will want some.

Shanda said...

Can’t wait to see the new colors and hope to catch some size 10 Summit

Margarets designer cards said...

Those flowers are beautiful, lovely bracelet
Can’t wait to see your new thread with those glowers as inspiration