Saturday, July 13, 2019

Supporting My Neighbors and Letting My Voice Be Heard

 These photos are from the Lights for Liberty vigil held at Milwaukee City Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the selfie above, I'm on the left. I came with a friend, and for both of us it was our first time attending a protest rally of any kind. I went to this event because I believe all human beings have a right to life, liberty and dignity. More info on the Lights for Liberty website.  

Many inspiring, well-informed speakers. The sign in back says, "Not In Our Name", because we don't want our tax dollars being used to lock children in cages.

Close The Camps (the concentration camps)

More signs: "This Is Inhumane" and "Shame"

The speaker in the red shirt had been inside the detention camps, and he described the abuse and torture witnessed there.

To be clear, seeking asylum is LEGAL.

The crowd outside Milwaukee City Hall

Another view of the crowd at dusk. There was a minute of silence, with people holding candles or cell phone lights.

The front of the flyer given out with Milwaukee area action steps. Search online to see actions for your area.

The back side of the flyer. Any small action helps. You won't be one of those who stood idly by while witnessing injustice.


Jane McLellan said...

Good for you!

Dkulik5 said...

I have always enjoyed your lovely tatting, it brings some beauty into a sometimes ugly world. I am very sorry to see that you have brought politics into a very limited safe place. said...

I wouldn't want my money to go to that either. Thanks for sharing your experience. ❤❤❤

Lavi said...

I am shocked that the things this rally is fighting against still exist in this day and age. I would have imagined it belonging more around the times of the world wars. I hope you make a difference!

Crazy Mom! said...


I am continually shocked and appalled by what is going on in this country, particularly the mistreatment of migrants at our borders. There is NO excuse for it.

Happy you were able to participate.

picotsnkeys said...

On a walk by the Bay, I thought of a tatting project similar to the "tat a Monument" project in Brussels. What if we tatted hearts and linked them to surround the evil in places like the Detention Center?

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you all for commenting.

I don't normally put depressing subjects on my blog, but to me this situation seemed to cry out to be reported on any journal available, in order to raise awareness.

A "Tat a Monument" style project is a sweet idea, but it would need a venue where it could be safely displayed. Anything near the detention centers is destroyed.

Cindy said...

It’s so hard as a typical non-protester to stand aside and watch what’s happening. Good for you for going, and for posting about it. I stand with you. It breaks my heart and angers me that we seem to be inhumane in the name of religion, righteousness, and power. No human being deserves this treatment.

Maureen said...

Thank you Marilee! We all need to speak up against this despicable camp situation and I appreciate you using your blog to do so.