Monday, June 21, 2021

Tatting the "Vision" necklace demo


The "Vision" necklace video demo is on YouTube here: 

The pattern is my original from 2009. To download the free PDF click here.

Many techniques are used in this design, including strung beads on a long picot, beads placed over picots, Victorian sets, and split rings. 

Let me explain about the way I did split rings in this pattern: I started each split ring with shuttle 1. This causes the split ring to turn over "back side" when it's finished. Important in this pattern because there are differing stitch counts on each side to cause the row of rings to curve. If started with shuttle 2 the split ring won't turn over and that would cause curving in the wrong direction for this design.

Split ring in progress

Row of split rings


God's Kid said...

Looks fabulous!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful pattern and lovely necklace, thank you for sharing the pattern

picotsnkeys said...

Nice explanation of how to curve a line of split rings. Thank you!

Lelia said...

Pretty! I found some size 50 Peace and have been tatting some samples -- trying to find one I can keep in the vehicle / in my bag ; ) I like your HDTs - I think Peace remains my favourite one