Saturday, October 23, 2021

Weaving and knitting projects started


How long ago was the last time I prepared a warp for weaving? According to Google photos it was May, 2017, and it stayed on for 3 years. Well, since I only weave out of curiosity, there's no rush to finish, the discovery of "what happens if" is enjoyable in itself. I have not woven with Cottolin yarn (a blend of cotton and linen) before, but I love the bright colors, so this should be fun!

For those interested the loom I'm using is relatively small, a 24 inch wide 8 shaft table loom on a stand. I'm threading a pattern from page 39 in "A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns" edited by Carol Strickler.  

Also I have started knitting a sweater, for myself. It's an open front cardigan with knitted lace edging designed by Bronagh Miskelly. The pattern is "Spring Leaf" found in Knitting Magazine, April 2017. The yarn I'm using is luxuriously soft, spun from Tibetan Yak hair. My first time using this fiber and I'm loving it! The color is Hokkaido, which is also the name of an island in the north of Japan. To me it looks like a medium toned, muted grayish purple.

Exploring other crafts is refreshing, and can spark new ideas for tatting, also. So do not worry that my tatting or hand dyeing will be neglected. In fact, I have a large batch of skeins already prepared for dyeing next week. The colorway will be "Stardate".


Jane McLellan said...

Lovely bright colours. I’m not a weaver, so I leave you to that one. I am a knitter and envy you that yarn! It’s fun to try out different kinds of fibres.

Margarets designer cards said...

Sometimes a break from one craft can be great to renew other things, and also renew your thoughts back to tatting, Its nice to have many craft items on the go, so one never gets bored

Lavi said...

It's fun to engage in multiple crafts. Your loom looks a bit daunting... please show us what you make, i'm sure it will turn out great!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Mom just finished a weaving project, and I admit that the call of the loom is strong! I love the color you're using for your knitting. Knitting gives me a nice change of motion when my wrists and hands need a rest from tatting.

God's Kid said...

Awesome!! I can't wait to see what you weave!! :)